About Flair Health

Flair Health is a virtual extension for medical practices, providing high-touch nutrition and health coaching services to patients with chronic conditions.

80% of chronic conditions can be prevented with improvements in lifestyle. However, most doctors are stretched thin and don’t have the time to provide patients with adequate education about nutrition and lifestyle or have detailed check-ins with patients between in-person visits. As a result, patients struggle to manage their conditions and become reliant on medications, leading to poorer health outcomes and higher costs.

Flair’s lifestyle-based care management services help patients improve their chronic conditions, while also enabling medical practices to unlock additional revenue. We support clinics by providing their patients with a virtual care team of dietitians and health coaches, and a technology platform for patients to set lifestyle goals, track their progress, and access personalized meal/exercise recommendations.

In short: we enable doctors to offer lifestyle medicine to their patients, both covered by insurance and without any additional time and effort by the clinic. Our ultimate goal is to help 100 million Americans reverse their chronic diseases through data-driven lifestyle medicine.

About the Founders

We’re Diva and Shobha, the co-founders of Flair Health. We met as undergraduates at Stanford and found ourselves geeking out about healthcare and preventative care. Both of us have worked in the healthcare space for almost a decade combined, across companies like Ancestry, Johnson & Johnson, Rock Health, and Rupa Health.

We’re both deeply driven by the mission of helping more patients dramatically improve their health through lifestyle and nutrition. In fact, both of us have seen the power of nutrition and lifestyle change in our own lives – Diva with her grandparents, and Shobha has used these techniques to manage her own chronic condition.

We're building what we wish we had for ourselves and our loved ones battling chronic diseases – personalized and evidence-based support to help people live with Flair.

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Our Team


Diva Sharma

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Shobha Dasari

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer


Bonnie Kuss, MPH, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian


Heather Finn, MS, BCBA, NBC-HWC

Health Coach


Kendall Cwik, MS

Health Coach


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